Sunday, January 27, 2013

Velvet Flowers provided by Drew Barrymore

Hi everyone this article starts out the review series of Drew Barrymore's Flower Line.

First off I will be reviewing two colors from her Flower Kiss stick Velvet lip color. The colors from this line provide  matte finish, adds volume to the lips, and a smooth finish.

The two colors I will start the review of this line is (From Left to Right) Chocolate Lily an Get to the Poinsettia.

Chocolate Lily: This color is very unique to me. I thought it would be one of these "pretty ugly" colors but it really isn't. Its just pretty. This is a really a bold color to wear.. Definitely a statement color. This is a light milk chocolate color. 

Get to the Poinsettia: a red-orange color. Definitely leans to more red though. It is a pretty basic red. Very old Hollywood feel to it. 

 Swatch time: From Left to Right, Get to the Poinsettia and Chocolate Lily

For those who want a new modern look on them I do highly recommend Chocolate Lily. These lipsticks are priced $6.96 and available at Walmart and

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