Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Experience Color Lust


Victoria's Secret new spring line has just hits the stores. This is a very berry rich color collection. I am doing a flash review of one of the products of this spring line. Color Lust Glossy Lip Stain is as the name says is a lip stain. This has a very watery consistency. Has a very rich color pay off. The particular color I have chosen to review is Legendary. Legendary is a pink leaning fuchsia color. 

Product Pictures:


These are available for purchase at Victoria's Secret stores and www.victoriassecret.com for $14.00.

Get a Hippie Vibe

Orly has just released  a new collection called Hope & Freedom Fest. It has a very big hippie, 1960s vibe to it. They are available for purchase at select salons and (my favorite spot) www.head2toebeauty.com.

Here are the colors:

Melodious Utopia

Peaceful Opposition

Elation Generation

Coachella Dweller

High on Hope

Boho Bonnet
Pictures courtesy of Head2beauty

Its all about Bows

That's right, Bows are back. Available for purchase at American Apparel Stores or www.americanapparel.com

Monday, February 25, 2013

Get some Lip Tint from Pacifica

Here is the last post in regards to the Pacifica line being sold at Target. For this post I will be reviewing two of the "Color Quench lip tint." These are very smooth lip balms. They both have very good color quality. They will stain your lips but they don't last for long. 

Product Pics:

Blood Orange: This is a burnt red orange color. Such a beautiful deep color. It smells delicious too.

Guava Berry: Such a beautiful sheer berry purple color. 

Swatch Time:
Top Blood Orange and Bottom Guava Berry

I definitely recommend Blood Orange for purchase. They are available for  purchase at Target and www.target.com for $6.99. 

Enlighten your eyes with Pacifica

I have another product from Pacifica that is currently being sold in Target. This again is made with coconut oil and is a mineral based cosmetic product. The "Enlighten, eye brightening eyeshadow palette" is a rich jewel toned palette. The consistency of the eye shadows is very buttery I was really surprised by such rich texture for a drugstore item. 

Product Pictures:

Urchin: is a very deep jeweled toned purple. It has a good amount of shimmer in it. Very Opaque 

Golden: This color is well, golden. High shimmer. Very Opaque.

Coral Sand: a light coral color. Almost an apricot color. Again very opaque.

Skinny Dip: a shimmer nude color. Great on opacity.

Swatch Time:

I would recommend this for purchase. It is available for purchase at Target and www.target.com for $11.99.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lighting from Pacifica

You may ask what is Pacifica? Pacifica is a brand that produces cosmetics, skincare, and perfume. These are mineral based makeup. The products contain coconut oil. They offer a very beautiful earthy color range. When I see there color range I see the colors that one can only see in a national geographic documentary. 

For this post I will be reviewing the products from this line that are currently being sold at Target. This product is called "Radiant Shimmer Coconut multiples." This product contains three cream highlighters.   These are super creamy, when I first put my fingers on it to swatch, it was like a liquid solid. Once its on your fingers it feels like you have watered down oil on your fingers, really neat sensation. 

Moonlit: This is the first highlighter color. A beautiful sheer champagne color. When on skin it will sheer out to be just a translucent highlight.

Island Rose: This is the second from top. A rosey pink color. This is my favorite one. I just feel this is what a person looks for in a highlight color because it gives a nice color to your highlight.

Bronzed: The last of the three. This is a red tined bronze. Really pretty color. I feel this would be a great highlight for when one tans and for those of darker skin tones.

Swatch Time:
Top Moonlit, second Island Rose, last Bronzed

If you are looking for an inexpensive highlighter this is a decent purchase. I didn't go crazy for the colors but I will be using it. They are available for purchase at Target stores and www.target.com for $11.99.

Finally, I am involved with a LimeCrime ;)

 No one knows how happy I was to see this box on my porch the other days. I just lit up. Finally I get to experience this colorful wonderland that Lime Crime offers. I purchased two colors from the Lime Crime Lipstick line. The texture of both lipsticks was super super creamy. They were both super pigmented.

Product Pictures:

Geradium: This is the newest color from the Lime Crime lipstick line and is described as "Coral-pink that is so intense, it might just be radioactive." The thing about this color is that the tone of the color will definitely adapt to a person's skin tone. On me the color is definitely more darker than one views on other models. 

Product Pictures:

Centrifuchsia: is a really beautiful bright fuchsia. I feel this color will translate well across all skin tones.  

Swatch Time: 
Geradium on Left, Centrifuchsia on Right

See what I mean about Geradium totally different on my olive skin tone versus the very fair skinned tone model above.

I totally recommend both these colors for purchase. They can be purchased at www.limecrimemakeup.com for $15.99.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Have some Haisla Dreams!

Hi My lovelies. I have a jewelry recommend! I purchased earring from my Facebook friend Amy, who makes the most beautiful beadwork jewelry I have ever seen. Here is a sample of her work:

(I personally have this one, so cute!)

If you want to see more check out:

Monday, February 18, 2013

Take a Pastel Trip with L'oreal Colour Riche Balm Versailles Romance Collection

L'oreal has created a visually beautiful spring collection with Versailles Romance. This isn't a new concept in the cosmetic industry but it is always visually appealing. L'oreal has created a series of Lip Balm, Nail polish, and nail stickers. 

Nail Polish Shot
Lip Balm Shot

I will be reviewing the entire lip balm collection today. So lets get started:
Close up, I will be reviewing and swatching the colors from left to right

Come by my window: this is a light bubblegum pink. You do see the pink when applied but just barely. 

Legally Regal: This is a lilac purple. You definitely have color when you apply this on your lips. 

Sundays by the Seine: This is a absolutely beautiful baby blue color. Does not come out blue when applied, but it does show a hint (think of a sheered out icey blue.) The purpose of this probably with most blue lip products is to make your teeth appear brighter and whiter. 

Laze in the Maze: A orange based coral color. Definitely color can be seen when applied. 

 Provence Romance: This is a pink based purple color. Came out super sheer couldn't see the color at all.

Bijoux, Bijoux, Bijoux: A white color. This is definitely just meant for moisture and shine purposes because it is totally transparent. 

Swatch Time!:
Left to Right
Come by my Window, Legally Regal, Sundays by the Seine, Laze in the Maze, Provence Romance, and Bijoux, Bijoux, Bijoux

If you guys want some color with your balm Legally Regal and Laze in the Maze are the ones for you. I also recommend for purchase Sundays by the Seine (cause its blue) but for the teeth whitening purposes. They are priced at $6.98 and can be found at some supermarkets (such as Wegmans) an drugstores.