Saturday, January 12, 2013

I think i'll get famous, with Benefit's World Famous Neutral

Lets look in a crystal ball and I'll tell you what I see. I see Benefit's new World Famous Neutrals eyeshadow kits.

These palettes are geared to tap in the Neutral eye trend that has become very popular in recent years. These Palettes, I see being geared for three different lifestyles. Work, Everyday, and Night Life. These Palettes contain two creaseless creme eyeshadows and four eyeshadows.

Palette 1 (Everyday Lifestyle)

World's Famous Neutral "Eyenessa's most easiest eyes ever"

The two creaseless eyeshadows contain in this palette are R.S.V.P and No Pressure.
The Four eyeshadows it contains are Call my Bluff, Thanks A Latte, Pinky Swear, and Quick, look busy.

R.S.V.P: is a pinkish sand color.
No Pressure: Copper Color.

Call my Bluff: a vanilla color, meant to be used as a highlighter. Very sheer. Have to really layer it to see it.
Thanks A Latte: a chocolate color. Meant to be used as a crease color. Very opaque.
Pinky Swear: a light pastel pink color. Could be used as a highlight color or based color. Moderate Color opacity.
Quick, Look Busy: A Dark chocolate. Could be used as a crease color or eyeliner. Very opaque.

Swatch Time:

Palette 2: (Work Life)

World's Famous Neutrals "Eyenessa's most glamourious eyes"

The two creaseless eyeshadows contain in this palette are Birthday Suit and My Two Cents.
The Four eyeshadows it contains are Call my Bluff, Kiss me, I'm Tipsy, It's complicated, and Guilt-y Pleasure.

Birthday Suit: dark tan color.
My Two cents: Flesh color.

Call my Bluff: same as above.
Kiss me, I'm Tipsy: medium tan color. Very Opaque. Crease Color.
It's complicated: Salmon color. Opaque on me but I see it matching other skin tones where it wouldn't be visible. Used as a highlight or base color.
Guilt-y pleasure: reddish brown color. Used as crease color or eyeliner.

Swatch Time:
Palette 2: (Nightlife)

World's Famous Neutrals "Eyenessa's Sexiest eyeshadows ever"

The two creaseless eyeshadows contain in this palette are Bikini-Tini and Holy Smokes.
The Four eyeshadows it contains are Milk It, Raincheck?, Pause for Applause, and Blingo!

Bikini-Tini: a peach color.
Holy Smokes: a charcoal grey

Milk it: a shimmery bright white. Good color coverage.
Raincheck?: a dark smokey purple color. Good color coverage, used for crease.
Pause for Applause: a mauve color. Very Opaque. Used as highlight or base color.
Blingo!: a silvered grey. Very Opaque. Can be used as a crease color. Too light for a eyeliner.

Swatch Time:

All these palette are great additions to one's collection. They are small so they are good for traveling. They are available for purchase at Sephora. They are priced $30.00. 


  1. OMG these are Fiorella proof! I am buying this one.. I am clueless about makeup application I love that there are instructions! Love this find! Thanks doll

  2. Love these. I love makeup but when it comes to eyeshadows and using more than one color, Im lost. So the fact these kits come with a "tutorial" are great!