Monday, March 25, 2013

A Shimmer Brick from Bobbi Brown's Lilac Rose Garden

Hi everyone, with this post I will be reviewing the last product I have associated with the Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Collection. This product is what really drew me to this collection it is just beautiful to look at. 

You may ask what is a Shimmer Brick:
A shimmer brick is a a pressed powder of different hues that off color and highlight not only for the face but for the eyes. It is a tool you can double up with. 

Product Pictures:

Lilac Rose Shimmer Brick: It is a shimmer brick with pink, rose gold, and white goldish hues in it. The colors come out fairly well but for some you would need to layer up if you used them individually on the eyes. On my picture you will hardly see the colors but in real life you can but it is sheer at first swatch. When you mix the colors together it is really hard to make out a pink or even a peach color but trust me you see shimmer.

Swatch Time:

Together (yeah i know kind of hard to see)

I see this product's color content showing up on more fair skinned ladies but I think it can be used as a highlighter or eye color for darker skin tones. This product is Limited Edition and they are available for purchase for $42.00 at Happy Hunting!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A pinky blush from Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Collection

Bobbi Brown released a limited edition blush to accompany the Lilac Rose Collection. I am just not happy with this product. It is dry and sheer.

Product Pictures:

Pastel Pink: is a light dusty pink: Its not a very original color. It is very dry in texture. It is super sheer and you have to really layer it on to show the color.

Swatch time:

I don't suggest buying it. There are better Bobbi Brown blushes out there. For whatever reason you want to buy it it is available for purchase at at $25.00.

Get some beautiful sparkle from Bobbi Brown

Oh my goodness. I have found an eye product that I feel I need to stock up on since its gorgeous and limited edition. It is a fantastic eyeshadow from the Lilac Rose Collection. It is the sparkle eye shadow from Lilac. 

Product Pictures:

Lilac: is a super shimmery silver purple/pink. I love it! When you put it on its like a iridescent purple on your skin. It is just beautiful.

Swatch Time:

This is a fantastic color and product, if I were you I would run to get it. They are available for purchase at for $28.00.

A Beautiful Bouquet of Glosses from Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown has created a beautiful collection for spring. This spring her new collection is called Lilac Rose Collection. It is a beautiful collection filled with hues of pink, purple, and nudes. The collection is something that I see one wearing to a high society social or tea party. Yes I am bringing up tea party again, I am definitely going to have one this year. 

See very tea party-ish

I will be reviewing on this post the lip glosses that accompany this collection.

Lilac Rose: is a dusty purple color. It is very sheer but can be build to opacity. I see this being perfect as a layering tool rather then it by itself. I was looking around the Bobbi Brown website and I think this will be best layered over Lilac or Rose Blossom from the Rick Lip color lipsticks. 

Pink Lily: I love this pink. It is a very warm rosey pink color. Very appropiate for spring and summer. This is awesome by itself. 

Pink Lilac: is a product called a Brightening Lip Gloss. So what is it meant to do. On the Bobbi Brown website description it states: 
Bobbi has sized up all her glosses to give you an extra dose of shine. This sheer, reflective 

formula wakes up your face and helps create the illusion of fuller lips, plus the new tapered 

applicator lets you apply it like a pro.

Interesting Concept to say the least. It is very shimmery. It is a light silver pink color. 

Swatch Time: 

Top to Bottom: Pink Lilac, Pink Lily, and Lilac Rose

I say the best purchase you can make from this collection is Pink Lilac and Pink Lily. Lilac Rose is good is you want to layer it over something. They are available for purchase at for $24.00. Happy Hunting!

Beauty Statement of the Week

Get Rich with MAC Part 2

Hi everyone. This is part 2 of the MAC Mineralize Rich Lipsticks. These fancy new lipsticks are heralded as being super moisturizing on the lips, which I can definitely say they are! Their design is very different from MAC's other lipsticks and even has a magnetized cap. 

Product Picture:

Lush Life: This is definitely the darker purpler sister of All out Gorgeous. When you look at pictures it is very easy to say they are the same but when u swatch them together one can see the difference. Personally, I love this color as equally as it's sister "All out Gorgeous"
All out Gorgeous on top, Lush Life on Bottom

Lady at Play: A super bright pinky-red coral. It is a super fun color.

Grande Dame: This is a light dusty pink color. For me I see it as a super preppy, 1950s color, like the kind of color you would see on a poodle skirt. Very retro in my opinion.

Swatch Time:

Top to Bottom, Lush Life, Lady at Play, and Grande Dame

I find that all the colors in the post are definitely worthy of purchase. They are available for purchase at MAC counters and for $22.00. Happy Hunting!

Get Rick with MAC mineralize rich Lipstick Part 1

Hi everyone! Its Ari, long time no see. Sorry for the dipping out I was simply taking advantage of my break, but now its back to what I love. I am here to show you the newest sensation from MAC, MAC Mineralize Rich Lipsticks. What makes this so special is that these lipsticks are designed to be super moisturizing on the lips. 

This is what MAC has to say about it:

Introducing a new Mineralize masterpiece for lips with a luxurious, lightweight formula 

enhanced with 77-Mineral Moist complex for nutrient-rich moisture. The impact is instant 

- softer, smoother, more supple lips. The larger lipstick bullet delivers fuller, sleeker 

application in a single stroke. 12 new shades with bright, colour retention.

Well isn't that fancy.

Here are the Lipstick Review for Part 1:

Plus it has a magnetized cap

Elegant Accent: This is a light mauve pink.Very Pretty but nothing to go crazy about. I see this being a nice work or day outing color.

Everyday Diva: This is a bright orange based red. I love this color. It is the perfect color for summer and spring.

All out Gorgeous: A beautiful vampy plum color. This is the color that you can seduce with honestly, it is that kind of color. 

Swatch Time:

Top to Bottom: Elegant Accent, Everyday Diva and All out Gorgeous

My top choices for this post are Everyday Diva and All out Gorgeous. All the colors are super moisturizing and last a good 6 hours. They are available at MAC counters and for $22.00.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Handy Dandy new cosmetic tool

Here is my handy dandy new cosmetic tool. It is a eyelash curler from Forever 21. It is available for purchase at Forever 21 stores for $2.80.

Become a Screen Siren by VS

Hi everyone this is another review from Victoria's Secret spring makeup collection. The products they offer in this collection have just been hitting it out of the park for me. I will be reviewing for this post the Screen Siren Deluxe Eye Palette. This is only available in stores but it is well worth the hunt. 

Product Pictures:

The palette has a total of five colors:

White Shadow: is a very shimmery white color. This color is sheer but it can be built up. This is probably best as a highlight color.

Nude: a shimmery nude color. It is a very good base color. Sheer but build-able color.

Pink: A shimmery carnation pink color. I love this color. I feel its a versatile color that could be used as a highlight or base.

Plum: This color is a shimmery wine/ light plum color. I used this color as a crease and outer corner color. 

Black: a basic black color.

Swatch Time:

What I love about this color that it isn't the colors individually that make it great but them used together that makes this a must have palette. The consistency of the powders is very smooth. These again are available for purchase in stores for $25.00.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Coming Soon

A review and swatch of:

Get a Blushing tint from Victoria's Secret

I have a new review for everyone and I am so happy to present it, I am reviewing Victoria's Secret Sheer Blush Cheek Tint. I bought these at Victoria's Secret because I wanted a less expensive version of the Designer blush tint I love so much. I love the consistency of these blush tint, it is a cool watery feel. They are not heavy or oily. LOVE!

I love the packaging

Spotlight: is a pure peach color. It is very light but the color is very build-able. 

Idolize: This is a very bright dark pink color. This color Definitely does not need need to be built up. If one uses a small amount it should give your cheeks a healthy pink blush.

Swatch Time:

 On top Idolize, Below is Spotlight
Blended and Unblended

Available for purchase at Victoria's Secret and for $15.00.