Friday, January 18, 2013

Let us take a eyeshadow journey to Rio with NYX

Ahh Rio, warm air, sunshine, vibrant colors....Ahhhhhhhh Oh wait sorry went somewhere for a second. Well, it wasn't just somewhere it was Rio. Its very chilling outside where I am and I am eagerly awaiting warmer weather. NYX is helping with me that with their new eyeshadow palette collection called "Love in Rio."

I have chosen two palettes from this line to review. From Left to Right, Carnival del Sol and Nighttime in Rio.

I know its very dark but I tried to get a good picture of the side because the locking clasp is a bow.

Carnival Del Sol: This palette contains a matte light purple-pink, a shimmery canary yellow, and a shimmery lime color. Beautiful color payoff. Don't be turned off by the yellow, it is sheer but still enough to see that it is yellow, will be a very beautiful highlight. 


Nighttime in Rio: Contains a matte warm pink, a matte purple, and a shimmery black. The pink and purple have a very good color payoff but the black comes out very sheer. Definitely would have to layer the black to get a rich smokey eye or even a cat eye. On the bright side, if you are into soft black smokey eye this black is for you. 


I definitely recommend purchasing Carnival del Sol. This palette contains such beautiful, vibrant colors. I don't recommend Nighttime in Rio due to the black; it kind of puts a downer on the whole palette. There are also two other palettes from this collection on that I recommend for purchase even though I was not able to review them, but I have an extremely good feeling about them. Those colors are Sway with Lola and Life is a Cha Cha. These palettes are $6.00 and available for purchase at Now if you all would excuse me going back to thinking warm thoughts, ahhh Rio.

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