Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Flash Review of L'Oreal Colour Riche eyeshadow Quad and Lip Gloss

Hi Everyone, Ari here with a flash review of L'Oreal's new Colour Riche eyeshadow and lip gloss.

Here are some pics of what the line as a whole have to offer:

I have chosen one color from the eyeshadow quad line and that was Hollywood Icon and one from the lip gloss line called Berry Persistent.

Hollywood Icon would seem to everyone as a very standard purple eyeshadow quad. This particular purple quad is special though for two big reasons. 1. The warm peach/ light creamsicle color. 2. I have never seen colors that blend so beautiful together that it seems almost iridescent. 

Berry Persistent is a grape looking color. Very watery consistency, I wasn't a big fan of the quality of the lip gloss. The shine wears off but the color does stain your lips. This color will change in hue based on your natural lip color. 

Here are some swatches:
The orange color from the palette may seem sheer here but trust me you want it that way because thats what gives the entire palette the iridescent quality.

The eyeshadow quads are split up into three categories Bold, Smokey, and Essentials. Hollywood Icon is from the Bold categories. I find that everyone can find something that they would like with the eyeshadows. I am not too keen on buying anymore of the lip glosses based on the painfully watery consistency of this one.

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