Monday, January 7, 2013

Maybe she's born with it.....

Maybelline is making quite a name for itself. I have seen so many new and exciting products coming from the long standing label. The most exciting line that I have seen come out this past week is the new color story from their ColorSensational Lip color Line. This most recent of this line is the Vivids' line. This recent release is so fantastic. Its every 1980s fan girls dream. These colors are bright but not "Holy Cow!" bright.

There is a total of 8 colors in this line. I have chosen four to review. I chose one of each color range, so one pink, one red, one orange, and one purple.

The colors I chose were Electric Orange, Vivid Rose, Hot Plum, and On Fire Red.

Love, Love, LOVE!

Electric Orange is a very punchy orange color. I just love this color, I really thought I wasn't but I do love it. 

Vivid Rose is a very bright medium pinkish-red color. Think of a color Barbie or Jem of the Holograms  would wear on their lips, this is it. 

Hot Plum is a rich magenta color. I think this would be very pretty on those of Olive skin tone. 

On Fire Red is a dark cherry red on the stick. I first thought this color would be too dark on me but it it swatched to be a very beautiful strawberry red color. Not as in your face as one would imagine from looking at it. 

(Colors from Left to Right, Electric Orange, Vivid Rose, Hot Plum, and On Fire Red)

These colors perform very well. They do stain the lips to a certain degree but are very smooth on your lips. This is a line I suggest for all to go to their local Walgreens or drugstore to buy one from the collection. I foresee these going very fast. 


  1. I love the Hot Plum lipstick. I must get it.

    Aracely J

  2. Love the On Fire Red, I have not been able to find a red that's not too harsh for daytime. This may be it! Thanks.