Monday, December 23, 2013

Get your own Jingle Nails

Want this??
You just need your typical base and top coat. Then add two layers of Marc Jacobs Nail Lacquer in Desire
Then add two layers from the middle of your nail to tips of Deborah Lippmann's 99 Luftballons
And TA DA you have Jingle Nails

Happy Holidays everyone. You can get both polishes are Sephora. Marc Jacobs Nail Lacquers retails for $18.00 and Deborah Lippmann Nail lacquer runs $19.00. 99 Luftballons is exclusive at Sephora. 


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Do something Beautiful Today

Hi everyone, long time no see. I am going back into the swing of blogging again but I wanted to start off with a cause close to my heart. I am a advocate for those with mental illness. The facility that I work in is having a fundraising for our non-profit facility. I created my own fund raising page that donates to our cause. Here is a little something I wrote on my page.

The Three People You Meet at a Mental Health Facility. 

When one goes into a mental health facility, you are leaving the world you know and entering into another. My own personal metaphor that I use is that of Alice in Wonderland. As soon as you walk into a Mental Health facility, you are definitely a different society then the one you left behind. You will see individuals at their lowest point and at their point of reaching the achievement. This is not just for the clients of the mental health facility, but to the staff as well. 

Entering this world, you will encounter three kinds of people. Just like Alice met three kinds of people in Wonderland and that she connected with. I do not use this analogy as an insult to these people, but to display to you the unique quality that all these individuals have. Upon meeting these people you will certainly say to yourself, as Alice did, “Curiouser and Curiouser.”

The first person you will meet is the “Mad Hatter.” You will meet this person first not due to being the actual first person you meet but the one that will strike you most due to their eccentricity. They will be the first ones that will talk to you and have you join them for tea. Sometimes the tea parties are actually tea parties that you will partake with them. I personally care and appreciate these people greatly. 

The second person you will meet is the “Cheshire Cat.” This person holds great intelligence. They slowly evolve a conversation into a philosophical debate. They open your mind to another perspective. They will have you debate the concept of what is “normal.” The Cheshire Cat will often be open about the negativity that society holds to those who are in mental health facilities and those who work in it. Just like the Cheshire Cat said the Alice “We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.” “How do you know I’m mad?” asked Alice. “You must be,” said the cat. “Or you wouldn’t have come.” (Lewis Carroll)

The third person you will meet is not really a person. They are your own looking glass. These individuals are your mirror image. They share your interests, your hopes, your insecurities, and your fears. Your looking glass will teach you an great lesson. This lesson is that there are, at times, very little difference between those in a mental health facility and yourself. 

The previous statement is not just for your looking glass because you will soon realize that this is true for the others. This is the ultimately the reason why these facilities are of such great importance to society. When one has reached a low point in their life, there needs to be a place where they can encounter and open, helping hand. I leave you with this statement, be open upon entering a Wonderland, you definitely return a stronger and better person. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Getting my nails frosted by FrankenFrosting

I am investigating as of lately indie nail polishes and I am loving what I am discovering. I discovered one not too long ago on Etsy called Franken Frosting. 

I have chosen two from this brand to review and swatch. 

DARK NEON MONSTER: A mix of black, green, blue, pink, and gold glitter. The glitter comes in a whole bunch of shapes. I see this more as a layering polish than one you can use on its one. I suggest layering it for a black, dark green, and dark blue nail polish. 

CARNIVAL: this is a golden peach color with gold, blue, and pink color. I love this one. You can definitely use this on its own with layering it over another polish. Its very summery and beautiful color. 

There are definitely more colors to try then these two. I would definitely recommend Carnival for purchase.

You can get these polishes and others at Franken Frosting for $7.00 and up depending on which one you get. 

Nail and Makeup removers that are better for you!

For this post I will talking about two removers that I have fallen in love with for my nails and makeup. The main reason I love these is because they are gentle and are beneficial to your skin.

First up is Josie Maran BEARnaked nail wipes

These are so nice, they smell like grapefruit so it doesn't feel like are inhaling chemicals. They leave behind Argan Oil to moisture your cuticles and you nails. I admit they don't remove your nail polish quickly, but I take the skin benefits over quick removal. Available for purchase in Sephora stores and for $9.00. 

Second up is Aveeno Ultra Calming make up remover wipes. 

I love these they remove your makeup in one to two wipes with one cloth. It is very gentle on your skin and leaves it clean and moisturized. Also, since its a gentle formula it won't irritate your skin. The packet contains 25 floral scented wipes. These are available for purchase at your local drugstore or supermarket for $6.99.

Get some beauty products from the fabulous Badger :)

Who would have ever thought that Badgers could be so cosmetically and skin care inclined. Well Badger Balm offers a whole line of not only skin care but cosmetics. For this post we will be reviewing Badger Balm's Lip Tint and Shimmer duo. Each duo has one side that has a lip tint and the other side a shimmer stick you can apply after the color or by itself. This is a natural organic mineral product.

Plus it has a cute Badger drawing with it!! :)

Photo Courtesy of Badger Balm website

The colors that I will be reviewing are the ones pictured above:

Copper: This is a very shimmery dark terracotta brown. 

Garnet: is a light plum-purple color.

Red Jasper: This color seems more like a red brown than a red. Its a nice color but its not what I had in mind since the application color is different from the stick color. 

Rose Tourmaline: A very sheer pink. Sheer pink meaning almost non-existent pink. 

Swatch Time: From top to Bottom: Copper. Garnet, Red Jasper, and Rose Tourmaline.

Swatch of Shimmer stick:

If you are into organic cosmetics, this is a product line to investigate but I feel that the only  colors that are worth purchasing are the copper and garnet colors. I would nix Red Jasper and Rose Tourmaline. 
They are available for purchase online for $5.99 at Badger Balm.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice, Oh and Dollish Polish Powerpuff Girls nail colors

Before we Begin......

Talk about a blast from the past. I was a definite hardcore fan of the Powerpuff girls back in the day. Ahh, those were the good old days. I been have nostalgic feelings towards this show since Dollish Polish came out with a nail polish trio that is inspired by the PowerPuff Girls. 

Don't know what Dollish Polish is? Well here is a blerp from their website


is most commonly known as a Nail Art Guru on YouTube which she started in 2009. Dolly, as she is affectionately known to by both fans and friends alike, has shared over 250 nail art tutorials on her channel with a combined total of over 4 million views and over 33,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel alone.

Dolly's passion for both nail art & nail polish has been a driving force in her life sine she was a young girl. With a longstanding career in Art, Teaching and Retail Management, Dolly has applied her skills to form her own line of hand-mixed lacquers, and thus Dollish Polish was born in 2010.

Dollish Polish nail lacquers are all created and made by Dolly herself and consist of a wide range of colors, including shimmers, creams, holographic, and glitter shades. All inspired by and named after some of Dolly's most beloved movies, music, books, video games and more." -From "

This website is a 80s/90s fangirl and nerds/geeks dream polishes. So without further ado... Here are the PowerPuff Girls!

Blossom, commander and the Leader, (Yes i did just quote the Powerpuff girl ending theme song)

-Blossom can be described as a milky pink and multi-tonal micro-shimmer. This is a very pretty color. I see this being awesome for those who get a really deep tan.

Swatch Time: this was very difficult to take a pic of. It is definitely more pink then it appears on the pic.

Bubbles, she is the joy and the laughter,

-Bubbles can be described as a light pastel blue with the multi-tonal micoshimmer like Blossom has. 

Swatch Time:


Buttercup, she's the toughest fighter,

-Buttercup is a light mossy green and the multi-tonal shimmer really stands out in this one. 

Swatch Time:

My final word on this polish trio is that... its awesome. I feel that is really eptimoizes what the powerpuff girls are about "sugar, spice, and everything nice!" I would recommend these for purchase. You can buy them in a trio set or individually. They can be purchased for $11.00 at Dollish Polish.

and of course..

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Second Skin is now Sassy, Classy, Beautiful Blog

We changed our name and now we are

                 Beautiful Blog

MAC RiRi Woo

MAC has a new artist collaboration under its belt and that is with Rihanna. This lipstick collaboration is Rihanna's version of Ruby Woo called RiRi Woo. Just like Ruby Woo it is meant to be a matte red that wears well on all skin tones. 

Product Pictures:

Has the word RiRi on it. 

Swatch Time:


This is priced at $15.00 at but also it can be purchased at Rihanna concerts. They will be re-releasing this in June so sign up for MAC notifications and prepare. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Do something Beautiful this Sunday (5/19/13) in CT

If you are Newton, CT this Sunday, Ricci's Salon and Spa is holding a Salon-a-thon event. When you donate $10.00 to a sandy hook charity you will receive a special OPI green nail polish in honor of those who died in the Sandy Hook Tragedy. Follow the Sandy Hook Green link below for more information.

Sandy Hook Green

Its all about the BB, Dior Nude BB Cream that is

On my journey of the use of BB cream, I have discovered a treasure and that treasure is DiorSkin Nude BB cream. This I feel is the perfect BB cream. It has perfect coverage and blends perfectly to create a even, protected skin tone. This particular BB cream has SPF 10 included too. 

It just looks pretty too. 

It has a push pump tube that dispenses the perfect amount of BB cream. I use two pumps because I like to apply on the neck area as well. It has Five different skin tones for one to choose from. My particular one is Fair 002. 

Un-blended and blended

They are available for purchase on $44.00. I think this is a good buy for anyone who is interested in purchasing a BB Cream. You can buy them at high end retailers and 

Enjoy SciFi Lullabies by OCC Cosmetics

I love science fiction. Give me a sci-fi film any day and you make me a very happy girl. When I heard OCC was making a sci-fi inspired lip tar collection, I was elated. So here we have a flash review of OCC SciFi Lullabies collection.

The colors are inspired by sci-fi films, most notably Blade Runner and Alien. 

Swatch Time:

From Top to Bottom:

1. Prius: a creamy silver color. I feel that this color would be best used in an lip ombre with other one of the colors of this collection. 

2. Clockwork: This is a terra-cotta color. This is a very unique color since you don't see this color very often in lip colors. 

3. Zhora: a silvered rose gold color. 

4. Lovecraft: A pink lilac color. 

5. Annika: a deep peach color. 

6. Batty: A black lip tar with silver shimmer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. This is probably the winner of the collection cause of it's color pay off and representation of the overall concept of scifi. It was the first one I wore.

I feel that all of these colors are gorgeous and someone will definitely fall in love with one of these colors. The winners for me are Batty, Lovecraft, and Prius. These are currently for sale for $18.00 and available for purchase at Sephora and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

Here is a video introduction of the SciFi Lullabies collection presented by Nylon:

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Coming back...

Hey my lovelies, sorry for the long break. School and internship were a killer. It has ended though and summer break is here which means, NEW POSTS!


Monday, March 25, 2013

A Shimmer Brick from Bobbi Brown's Lilac Rose Garden

Hi everyone, with this post I will be reviewing the last product I have associated with the Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Collection. This product is what really drew me to this collection it is just beautiful to look at. 

You may ask what is a Shimmer Brick:
A shimmer brick is a a pressed powder of different hues that off color and highlight not only for the face but for the eyes. It is a tool you can double up with. 

Product Pictures:

Lilac Rose Shimmer Brick: It is a shimmer brick with pink, rose gold, and white goldish hues in it. The colors come out fairly well but for some you would need to layer up if you used them individually on the eyes. On my picture you will hardly see the colors but in real life you can but it is sheer at first swatch. When you mix the colors together it is really hard to make out a pink or even a peach color but trust me you see shimmer.

Swatch Time:

Together (yeah i know kind of hard to see)

I see this product's color content showing up on more fair skinned ladies but I think it can be used as a highlighter or eye color for darker skin tones. This product is Limited Edition and they are available for purchase for $42.00 at Happy Hunting!