Saturday, January 19, 2013

Taking a trip to Florence with NYX

NYX has bought us ticket to Florence in their new "Love in Florence" eyeshadow palette collection. I have chosen two from this collection to review (shown above from Left to Right) Gelato for Two and Ciao Bella.

Gelato for Two: a purple heavy palette without being too redundant. There is a shimmery smokey purple, a matte greyed lavender, a shimmery nude color, matte grey with purple undertones, and a shimmery dark purple.  I see the two thin sections being used to layer on to create a more smokey look and to layer shimmer on top.


Ciao Bella: very neutral palette. Contains a sheer shimmery light black, shimmery light nude, shimmery peach, light matte grey, and a shimmery taupe. This was the weakest of the two palettes. The nude and taupe color came out super sheer. 

Gelato for two won out for first place in these two palettes. I wouldn't recommend these eyeshadows for purchase. Even Gelato for two had sheer issues but not as bad as Ciao Bella.

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to NYX cosmetics. Had never heard of them until I read your reviews. Love their packaging and based on your reviews, I will be trying out a few of their products.