Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Get a pretty blush with Flower's Flower Win Some/Rouge Some Creme Blush

Ahh the winter gives every girl a nice flush of color but luckily you can get that flush without freezing. That kind of flush you can definitely get with Flower Win Some/Rouge Some Creme Blush.
I have chosen two to review, the colors are pictured left to right, Pure Petunia and Peach Blossom. 

Pure Petunia: is a appears in the pan as a coral but on me it gets sheered out to a warm blue base pink.
Peach Blossom: a warm peach color. Comes out on me true to pan color. 
Sorry kitty made me ruin pan by giving my hand a love nudge.

Swatches from Left to Right, Pure Petunia and Peach Blossom

Out of these two colors I recommend Peach Blossom for purchase. It is a very rich color and I think it is more unique then Pure Petunia. These retail for 7.98 and available for purchase at Walmart and 

Guess who is coming over my house


Have an Arabian Night with Sephora

First Sephora wanted you to experience a Cinderella Color Story. This March they want you to experience a Jasmine Color story.

Get some high shine from Flower Kiss stick High-shine lipstick

I am definitely pleased with what I am seeing from the Flower Collection. I have chosen two to review, they are Ginger Lily and Black Rose.

Black Rose: Beautiful blackened red color with golden shimmer. This comes out sheered out so don't be intimated by the color of the stick. Definitely a great color for my vampy ladies out there.

(excuse my grungy nail, needs to be redone)

Ginger Lily: this color is a dark coral color. Has a brownish hint to it. This a great everyday color. 

Swatch Time:
                        Ginger Lily (Left) & Black Rose (Right)

These are great colors. I am planning to purchase two more colors to review for you. I love Black Rose but I think Ginger Lily would be a great purchase for everyone.

Available for purchase at $6.98 at Walmart and

Flower Creme Eyeshadow, so silky smooth

You know when a product comes out and you are just so amazed by it. For me this is that kind of product. Don't be swayed that this is a product being sold at Walmart. They are totally worth it. I have chosen three colors to review from the creme eyeshadow line.

view from bottom, Colors Left to Right, Wild Geranium, Mum's the word, and Awesome Blossom

 Wild Geranium: a rich gold coppery color.

Mum's the Word: a rose taupe or rose gold color.

Awesome Blossom: a red Burgundy color.

All these colors have great color pay off. These eye shadows are super smooth, very airy texture. I chose these colors to review because you definitely create a beautiful look. I just suggest for those who purchase these dust your powder over it to help it set. Available for purchase at $7.98 at Walmart and

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Get some buttery shine with Flower Lip Service Lip Butter

Flower's Lip Service Lip butter provides shine and color. This lipstick also provides volume to your lips. These are super smooth.

The colors from Left to Right, Princess and the Peony and Haute Honeysuckle

Princess and the Peony: A warm pink with shimmer. 

Haute Honeysuckle: A orangey pink color, not quite coral. Does have a hint of brown in it as well. This is a very pretty color. 

Swatch time:
From Left to Right, Haute Honeysuckle and Princess and the Peony

These colors are now available for purchase at 6.98 at Walmart and I personally would not purchase from this line if you want long lasting color. Since these are balm like they don't have much staying power.

Velvet Flowers provided by Drew Barrymore

Hi everyone this article starts out the review series of Drew Barrymore's Flower Line.

First off I will be reviewing two colors from her Flower Kiss stick Velvet lip color. The colors from this line provide  matte finish, adds volume to the lips, and a smooth finish.

The two colors I will start the review of this line is (From Left to Right) Chocolate Lily an Get to the Poinsettia.

Chocolate Lily: This color is very unique to me. I thought it would be one of these "pretty ugly" colors but it really isn't. Its just pretty. This is a really a bold color to wear.. Definitely a statement color. This is a light milk chocolate color. 

Get to the Poinsettia: a red-orange color. Definitely leans to more red though. It is a pretty basic red. Very old Hollywood feel to it. 

 Swatch time: From Left to Right, Get to the Poinsettia and Chocolate Lily

For those who want a new modern look on them I do highly recommend Chocolate Lily. These lipsticks are priced $6.96 and available at Walmart and

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Friday, January 25, 2013

MAC Archie's Girls want to hang with you

Call your friends and notify the neighbors, MAC Archie's Girls gets released online for the United States January 30, 2013. 

Flash swatch

Here are some beautiful winter colors from Zoya.

Presenting: FeiFeiJust love that duo chrome

Presenting: Lotus


Available for purchase at They sell for $8.00

Get Lovely with Zoya

It may be the middle of winter but before we know it warm spring weather will be here. So in preparation for this I have purchased Zoya's Lovely Collection for spring. Also, since bright colors are in for winter I could wear these in the dead of winter too :). 

(From Left to Right)
Neely, Piaf, Julie, Jacqueline, Gie Gie, and Blu

Neely: a light pastel green

Piaf: A golden sunflower with shimmer

Julie: Lilac with shimmer

Jacqueline: a french vanilla color

Gie Gie: Light pink rose color with shimmer

Blu: a light baby blue

Here are the swatches: 

I love all these colors honestly. So appropriate for winter due to the bright color trend and spring (of course.) I am really feeling the Piaf and Jacqueline. Blu is the hot color to buy though it is constantly being on back order. These bottles are $8.00 and available for purchase at

Hunt for this lost Treasure and Be Beautiful, Day or Night with Rachel Roy

This Review is based on a palette that I absolutely love because I find it so simple yet unique. I will be swatching and reviewing Rachel Roy's Shadow Collection. This eyeshadow palette was purchased at Macy's. On their website it is no longer listed but here is where the fun begins. It is Shadow Collection Treasure Hunt time! If you like what you see go on  little adventure to find it, hey it couldn't hurt.

The theme of the palette is Day and Night. The colors are split to make two group of colors that compliment each other and go with the theme of day or night. 

Day: The day group is compromised of earth tone colors. Very rich not only in texture but in color depth. 

Fire: is a very deep rust color. Very opaque. Honestly I could imagine everyone could just wear this one color with a thin line of eyeliner and you would be set. 

Energy: is a dark mustard color. Very opaque.

Balance: a sheer vanilla shade. Very sheer shade. I really had to pack it on so all of you could see the color clearly.

Galaxy: this is similar to a burnt yellow color. Good color pay off.

Dark Magic: a dark chocolate color. Great for eye liner or smokey eye. 

Night: This group of color are all within the blue to green spectrum. I find this to be very unique group of colors to represent the night.

 Infinite: a dark navy blue. Great payoff.

Evil eye: a dark teal color. It is just beautiful.

Twilight: a very sheer sky blue.

Empyrean: This is just my absolute favorite. It is a robin's egg blue/green color.

Celestial: A dark indigo color. Very opaque.

I definitely feel that all my lovelies should take on this adventure and go on the hunt for this palette. Happy Hunting!

Back with a vengeance

Hi everyone! Its Ari. Sorry for the long delay in posting articles, had to fulfill adult responsibilities and such. I know, I know boring huh but hey thats life. I am glad to say though they are good and life fulfilling responsibilities. Here is what is coming up on Second Skin Beauty Blog.

1. Review and swatches of the Urban Decay Oz palettes
2. Review and swatches of product from Drew Barrymore's line "Flower"
4. Review and swatches of Zoya's Lovely Collection
5. Review and Swatches of Mac's Archie's Girls!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Power of a Bright Red

I was afraid of bright red lip color, until I found the one for me. It was in the form of Kat Von D Foiled Love Liquid Lipstick in Adora. Everyone has their own red, if not, it hasn't found you yet.

Plus for everyone:


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