Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Getting my nails frosted by FrankenFrosting

I am investigating as of lately indie nail polishes and I am loving what I am discovering. I discovered one not too long ago on Etsy called Franken Frosting. 

I have chosen two from this brand to review and swatch. 

DARK NEON MONSTER: A mix of black, green, blue, pink, and gold glitter. The glitter comes in a whole bunch of shapes. I see this more as a layering polish than one you can use on its one. I suggest layering it for a black, dark green, and dark blue nail polish. 

CARNIVAL: this is a golden peach color with gold, blue, and pink color. I love this one. You can definitely use this on its own with layering it over another polish. Its very summery and beautiful color. 

There are definitely more colors to try then these two. I would definitely recommend Carnival for purchase.

You can get these polishes and others at Franken Frosting for $7.00 and up depending on which one you get. 

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