Saturday, January 12, 2013

Feel the LipSurgence

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in posting. Things were kind of busy but, i am back with a vengeance.

I will be reviewing today Tarte's LipSurgence Lip Luster color line. These are moisturizing colored balm with shimmer. 
I will be reviewing Four colors from this particular collection. (Left to Right in Photo) The colors are Glisten, Adored, Fever, and Pouty. 

Glisten is cool toned peach color. For me it only gives a hint of the peachy color. I think for those whose lips are lighter this would probably show up.
Adored is a light baby pink color. It is a very pretty (girly girly) color. Again on me very light but for others with a lighter lip color I see this being very fitting for them.
Fever is a strawberry red. This is a color that is going to show up on everyone. This is also a color that would do well across all skin tones and undertones. 
Pouty is a punchy dark pink, even though it is described as a berry. I think this is the best color out of the four. This is also a color that hits it on opacity. Would do very well across all skin tones. 
I have the swatches of the colors for all of you:
From Left to Right Glisten, Adored, Fever, and Pouty

Due to these colors being balm based the colors will be sheer on lips. The darker colors definitely have more color power to them and staying power. The light ones have a hint of color and very visible shimmer. All these color are very moisturizing and have a very strong minty scent to them due to being made with peppermint oil. 

I recommend purchase of the dark ones. Pouty I feel is the best out of the four here. For those who are interested in purchasing them, you can purchase them at Sephora for $24.00.


  1. I really like these doll.. My fav is def the Fever. Its such a bold color and sexy too! But i am so afraid to use red or red tints.. Never have used them. I am just afraid I will look like a clown lol. But one of these days you will see me in class with red lipstick you will see!!! Love it. Fiorella :)

    1. Hey, its Ari. I think the red will look great on you and not clownish. This is a very sheer red so its not like in your face red. You can try it on for free in Sephora to give it a test run!

  2. Love the red and that they are a combination of color and balm. Thanks!