Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lip Whisperer

Greetings everyone. I was running an errand in Walgreens when I noticed that Maybelline has done it again with another new lipstick color line for Colorsensational. This line is called Color Whisper Colorsensation.

This is a very sheer color line. It has a very lip balm like texture. Very appropriate for upcoming spring and summer.

 I have selected four to review: Mocha Muse, Petal Rebel, Cherry on Top, and Rose of Attraction.

Mocha Muse is a light caramel color. I see this being a very nice neutral color if you really do up your eyes to have that balance.

Petal Rebel is a light bubble gum pink. This comes out very sheer but you can build the color. I wouldn't recommend this color for purchase if you want a very strong pink.

Cherry on Top is a pink toned red. Very pretty shade. I see this being a shade one wears for lunch or tea time (hey why not.)

Rose Attraction is a berry red. Gives a very just bitten kind of look to one's lips.

Here are swatches (From Top to Bottom Rose Attraction, Cherry on Top, Petal Rebel, and Mocha Muse)
The Winners of these swatches has to be Mocha Muse and Cherry on Top. Not only do these colors come out beautifully but they are very wearable across all skin tones. I find these to be a good buy if you are on a budget but honestly if you can, purchase Clinique's Chubby stick or Tarte's Lip Surgence (which I will be reviewing soon.)


  1. OOPS it didnt publish my name.. love the review doll.. Fiorella :)

  2. I have the L'oreal version of this lip balm and love it.