Friday, January 25, 2013

Get Lovely with Zoya

It may be the middle of winter but before we know it warm spring weather will be here. So in preparation for this I have purchased Zoya's Lovely Collection for spring. Also, since bright colors are in for winter I could wear these in the dead of winter too :). 

(From Left to Right)
Neely, Piaf, Julie, Jacqueline, Gie Gie, and Blu

Neely: a light pastel green

Piaf: A golden sunflower with shimmer

Julie: Lilac with shimmer

Jacqueline: a french vanilla color

Gie Gie: Light pink rose color with shimmer

Blu: a light baby blue

Here are the swatches: 

I love all these colors honestly. So appropriate for winter due to the bright color trend and spring (of course.) I am really feeling the Piaf and Jacqueline. Blu is the hot color to buy though it is constantly being on back order. These bottles are $8.00 and available for purchase at

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