Monday, February 4, 2013


There here!

For the first part of the series I will be reviewing and swatch-ing the eye shadow palette and one of the eye liners, the rest have been shipped separately. 

Veronica's Palette: Spoiled Rich

This a purple and blue based palette. The first color is a matte violet. The second a shimmery grape. The third a shimmery denim color. The last color is a matte charcoal color. These colors came out very sheer, you have to layer it on to get a good dose of color opacity.

Product Pics: 

Swatch Time:

Betty's Palette: Caramel Sundae

This is a neutral palette, Neapolitan based color. It has a shimmery pink, creamy yellow, and a light chocolate. The last color is a matte dark chocolate color. Again, this is very sheer and you need to layer on the color to build color opacity. I am a fan of this palette.

Product Picture:

Swatch Time:

Veronica Eyeliner: Petrol Blue

A very pretty shimmery denim blue color. Very creamy. Great Color Payoff.

Product Pictures:

The eyeliners are priced at $16.50. The Palettes are $44.00 a pop. I am a fan of the caramel sundae palette but disappointed in the sheerness of the eye shadows. They are available for purchase at and will be available at the counters on February 14, 2013. 

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  1. I love the eyeliner. Definitely getting it. Thanks for the review!