Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lighting from Pacifica

You may ask what is Pacifica? Pacifica is a brand that produces cosmetics, skincare, and perfume. These are mineral based makeup. The products contain coconut oil. They offer a very beautiful earthy color range. When I see there color range I see the colors that one can only see in a national geographic documentary. 

For this post I will be reviewing the products from this line that are currently being sold at Target. This product is called "Radiant Shimmer Coconut multiples." This product contains three cream highlighters.   These are super creamy, when I first put my fingers on it to swatch, it was like a liquid solid. Once its on your fingers it feels like you have watered down oil on your fingers, really neat sensation. 

Moonlit: This is the first highlighter color. A beautiful sheer champagne color. When on skin it will sheer out to be just a translucent highlight.

Island Rose: This is the second from top. A rosey pink color. This is my favorite one. I just feel this is what a person looks for in a highlight color because it gives a nice color to your highlight.

Bronzed: The last of the three. This is a red tined bronze. Really pretty color. I feel this would be a great highlight for when one tans and for those of darker skin tones.

Swatch Time:
Top Moonlit, second Island Rose, last Bronzed

If you are looking for an inexpensive highlighter this is a decent purchase. I didn't go crazy for the colors but I will be using it. They are available for purchase at Target stores and for $11.99.

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