Monday, February 4, 2013

Archie's Girls LipSticks

There are a total of 6 lipsticks offered in the Archie's Girls collection. 3 for Veronica and 3 for Betty. This article will only review two out of the three for each, the rest are on their way. 

Betty Lipsticks:

Girl Next Door: This is a Lustre finish. This comes out a very light baby pink. Almost has a lavender feel to it.  I see this color being great for darker skinned lovelies or if you can get a really really bronze-y tan. 

Betty Bright: This is a Satin Finish. This is a very pretty pinky-coral color. Would go great on all skin tones. 

Swatch Time:
Left to Right, Girl Next Door and Betty Bright

Veronica Lipsticks:

Daddy's Little Girl: This is a Satin Finish. This is a mauve purple color. 

Ronnie Red: This is Matte Finish, This color is a bright cherry red. Don't be scared by the brightness since it is a matte finish it won't be as intense as it would seem.

Swatch Time:
Left to Right, Daddy's Little Girl and Ronnie Red

When it comes to lipstick colors I feel all of them just hit it out of the park. Sadly, at this time they are sold out on but never fear they come to a MAC Counter near you on February 14, 2013. They are priced at $16.50.

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