Sunday, March 24, 2013

Get Rich with MAC Part 2

Hi everyone. This is part 2 of the MAC Mineralize Rich Lipsticks. These fancy new lipsticks are heralded as being super moisturizing on the lips, which I can definitely say they are! Their design is very different from MAC's other lipsticks and even has a magnetized cap. 

Product Picture:

Lush Life: This is definitely the darker purpler sister of All out Gorgeous. When you look at pictures it is very easy to say they are the same but when u swatch them together one can see the difference. Personally, I love this color as equally as it's sister "All out Gorgeous"
All out Gorgeous on top, Lush Life on Bottom

Lady at Play: A super bright pinky-red coral. It is a super fun color.

Grande Dame: This is a light dusty pink color. For me I see it as a super preppy, 1950s color, like the kind of color you would see on a poodle skirt. Very retro in my opinion.

Swatch Time:

Top to Bottom, Lush Life, Lady at Play, and Grande Dame

I find that all the colors in the post are definitely worthy of purchase. They are available for purchase at MAC counters and for $22.00. Happy Hunting!

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