Monday, March 25, 2013

A Shimmer Brick from Bobbi Brown's Lilac Rose Garden

Hi everyone, with this post I will be reviewing the last product I have associated with the Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Collection. This product is what really drew me to this collection it is just beautiful to look at. 

You may ask what is a Shimmer Brick:
A shimmer brick is a a pressed powder of different hues that off color and highlight not only for the face but for the eyes. It is a tool you can double up with. 

Product Pictures:

Lilac Rose Shimmer Brick: It is a shimmer brick with pink, rose gold, and white goldish hues in it. The colors come out fairly well but for some you would need to layer up if you used them individually on the eyes. On my picture you will hardly see the colors but in real life you can but it is sheer at first swatch. When you mix the colors together it is really hard to make out a pink or even a peach color but trust me you see shimmer.

Swatch Time:

Together (yeah i know kind of hard to see)

I see this product's color content showing up on more fair skinned ladies but I think it can be used as a highlighter or eye color for darker skin tones. This product is Limited Edition and they are available for purchase for $42.00 at Happy Hunting!


  1. is the colour more of a highlighter than a blush?

  2. Definitely more of a highlighter than a blush. I also feel that you can use the individual colors for eyeshadow successfully.