Monday, March 4, 2013

Get Electric with Maybelline


Maybelline walking on through electric avenue with their Colorsensational Vivids collection. They have released a new color story connected to their Colorsensational vivids line called Electric Vivids, and all the items are LIMITED EDITION. 
<-will say limited edition on products

The collection consists of eyeshadow, lipstick, lip gloss, blush, eye liner, mascaras, and nail polish. They are definitely taking the lead of the loud prints and colors that are hot for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. 

I will be reviewing today the eyeshadows from this line. The eyeshadows that will be reviewed are Striking Blue and Natural Shock

Striking Blue on top and Natural Shock on top

Striking Blue: this palette is compromised of two natural colors and two blue colors. The lightest color, the shimmery white, is meant to be the highlight color. The next is a light copper. The blue is definitely a bright ocean blue. The last color is a dark blackened navy and has blue toned shimmer in it. All the colors have great color pay off. 

Product Picture: 

Swatch Time:

Natural Shock: this is a pretty standard neutral palette. These are definitely colors we have all seen before but they all contain shimmer. The first color is a shimmery white. The second color is a shimmery sand color. The third is a shimmery bronze color. The last is a dark shimmery brown. 

Product Pictures:
Swatch Time: 

The consistency of the eye shadows were fantastic very buttery texture. Great color payoff for both palettes. These are available for purchase at Walgreens stores for $9.79.

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