Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Get some beauty products from the fabulous Badger :)

Who would have ever thought that Badgers could be so cosmetically and skin care inclined. Well Badger Balm offers a whole line of not only skin care but cosmetics. For this post we will be reviewing Badger Balm's Lip Tint and Shimmer duo. Each duo has one side that has a lip tint and the other side a shimmer stick you can apply after the color or by itself. This is a natural organic mineral product.

Plus it has a cute Badger drawing with it!! :)

Photo Courtesy of Badger Balm website

The colors that I will be reviewing are the ones pictured above:

Copper: This is a very shimmery dark terracotta brown. 

Garnet: is a light plum-purple color.

Red Jasper: This color seems more like a red brown than a red. Its a nice color but its not what I had in mind since the application color is different from the stick color. 

Rose Tourmaline: A very sheer pink. Sheer pink meaning almost non-existent pink. 

Swatch Time: From top to Bottom: Copper. Garnet, Red Jasper, and Rose Tourmaline.

Swatch of Shimmer stick:

If you are into organic cosmetics, this is a product line to investigate but I feel that the only  colors that are worth purchasing are the copper and garnet colors. I would nix Red Jasper and Rose Tourmaline. 
They are available for purchase online for $5.99 at Badger Balm.

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