Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nail and Makeup removers that are better for you!

For this post I will talking about two removers that I have fallen in love with for my nails and makeup. The main reason I love these is because they are gentle and are beneficial to your skin.

First up is Josie Maran BEARnaked nail wipes

These are so nice, they smell like grapefruit so it doesn't feel like are inhaling chemicals. They leave behind Argan Oil to moisture your cuticles and you nails. I admit they don't remove your nail polish quickly, but I take the skin benefits over quick removal. Available for purchase in Sephora stores and www.sephora.com for $9.00. 

Second up is Aveeno Ultra Calming make up remover wipes. 

I love these they remove your makeup in one to two wipes with one cloth. It is very gentle on your skin and leaves it clean and moisturized. Also, since its a gentle formula it won't irritate your skin. The packet contains 25 floral scented wipes. These are available for purchase at your local drugstore or supermarket for $6.99.

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